Disseminating knowledge, discussing preliminary or published results, and networking with scientific peers are key purposes of conference attendance on national and international level. Most conferences are hosted by distinguished societies and provide different presentation modalities: Invited Talks, Symposia, Oral Presentations, and Poster Presentations (presented, debated, non-debated). The table below includes only conference contributions as First-and Senior-author listed by societies and years:   

Annual Conference of the European College of Sport Science

2022 (Sevilla, Spain)
- 4 weeks High Density Whole Body EMS Block and Jump & Strength (Oral)
- Electromyostimulation & Performance: Network Meta-analyses (Poster)
- Shorter Daily LIT-Training and Threshold Power (Oral)
- Multimodal Agility Training and Transfer to Handgrip Strength (Poster)
- SSC and Rowing varies with Intensity: EMG and Ultrasound Study (Oral)
- Uphill vs. Horizontal Running: Time spent above 90% VO2max (Oral)
- Velocity-based Strength Training and Jump and Sprint Performance (Oral)
- BFR-Training: Strength, Hypertrophy, Endurance: Network Meta-analyses (Oral)
2020 (online)
- Blood Flow Restriction during Low Intensity Rowing improves Vo2max (Oral)
- Alternating vs. Bilateral Strength Training and Cycle Sprint Performance (Oral)
- EMS vs. Vibration vs. Strength Training in Patients with Low Back Pain (Oral)
- Individual Training Monitoring: Stable vs. unstable Balance Training (Oral)
- Polarized vs. Pyramidal Training and Endurance Performance (Oral)
- Eccentric vs. Concentric Sprint Intervaltraining and Jump & Balance (Oral)
- Active Aging: Traditional vs. Recent Approaches to improve Fitness (Invited)
2019 (Prague, Czech Republic)
- Agility vs. Traditional Strength and Balance Training: An RCT (Oral)
- Effects of Exercise Training on Handgrip Strength: A Meta-analyses (Poster)
- Sprint Interval Training, Motivation & Affection in Depression: An RCT (Oral)
- The Stretch-Shortening-Cycle in Rowing (Oral)
- Telephone-based Exercise Promotion: A three-armed RCT (Oral)
2018 (Dublin, Ireland)
- Sprint Interval Training vs. Continuous Aerobic Exercise and Depression (Oral)
- Physical Demands of Airport Fire Brigade and Effects on Performance (Oral)
- Effects of Telephone Coaching and Prompting on Physical Activity (Oral)
- Whole Body Electromyostimulation and Leg Strength & Power: An RCT (Oral)
- Meta-analyses: Neuromuscular vs. Aerobic Exercise in Depression (Mini-Oral)
2017 (Bochum, Germany)
- High-intensity Low Volume Exercise in Depressed Patients (Invited)
- Neuromuscular Adaptations to Injury Prevention Programs in Youth (Oral)
2016 (Vienna, Austria)
- Integrative Fall Prevention - Novel Strategies to Tackle Seniors' Fall Risk (Invited)
2015 (Malmö, Sweden)
- Self-reported vs. Measured Office Sitting & Standing: Effects of Age & BMI (Oral)
- Promoting Office Standing via Point of Choice Prompts (Poster)
- Leg Muscle Activity in Seniors and Children After Slackline Training (Poster) 
2014 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
- Quiet Stance: Ankle Muscle Activity Coordination in Adults and Seniors (Poster)
- Meta-Analyses: Exergaming Improves Fall Risk Factors in Seniors (Oral) 
- High Intensity Interval Training: Acute Effects of Neuromuscular Function (Oral)
2013 (Barcelona, Spain)
- Application of the Grip Strength Decrement Index in Climbers (Poster)  
- Slackline Training & Neuromuscular Performance in Seniors (Oral)
- Agility, Core Strength, Balance & Sprint Speed in Youth Elite Soccer Player (Oral)
2012 (Bruges, Belgium)
- Effect of Pre-Information on Bilateral Force Deficit (Poster)
- SlacklineTraining & Neuromuscular Function in Primary School Children (Oral)
2011 (Liverpool, UK)
- Asymmetry of Load Application in Climbers: Effects of Climbing Level (Poster)
2010 (Antalya, Turkey)
- Incremental Exercise Testing: Reliability of Ventilatory Thresholds (Poster)
- Integrative Exercise Intensity Determination in Depressive Disorder (Poster)

Annual Conference of the American College of Sports Medicine

2022 (San Diego)
- BFR-Training in Rowing, Swimming and Climbing (invited)
2016 (Boston)
- High Intensity Training and Symptomatology in Neurological Diseases (Poster)
2015 (Fort Wayne, MW-ACSM)
- Guest and Moderator
2014 (Orlando)
- Effects of Zumba dance on Physical Function in Female Students (Poster)
- Physical & Mental Health after Six Month of Training in Fitness Centers (Poster)
2013 (Indianapolis)
- Effects of Fall-training on Fear of Falling and Balance in Seniors (Poster)
- Effects of Stair-climbing on Physical Function in Seniors (Poster)

Annual Conference of the Swiss Society of Sport Science

2020 (Basel)
- Blood flow restriction and VO2max improvements in pre-elite rowers (oral)
- Unstable balance training using Exergaming to improve fall risk factors (oral)
2019 (Fribourg)

- Agility training for imroving strength, balance and endurance: RCT  (oral)

- Telephone coaching for physical activity promotion: RCT  (oral)

2018 (Magglingen)
- Reliability of acute effect of aerobic exercise on executive function (oral)
- Effects of dynamic electromyostimulation on knee strength & hamstrings (oral)
- Adherence & perception of a tailored physical activity promotion program (oral)
2017 (Zürich)
- Neuromuscular training during the process of ageing (Invited)
- Validity and reliability of agility performance in Seniors for fall prevention (oral)
High intensity vs. continuous aerobic exercise training in migraine (oral)
- Remote physical activity promotion in sedentary adults (poster)
- Effects of Mindfulness on sport performance: A meta-analyses (poster)
2016 (Bern)
- Neuromuscular and Cognitive Aspects of Exercise Training in Seniors (Invited)
- Acute Effects of Exercise at Altitude on Static and Dynamic Balance (Poster)
- Aging Effects on Single Leg Standing Performance Strategies  (Poster)
- Hand Grip Strength Endurance and Arm Position in Climbers (Poster)
- Intervention on Standing Time in a Primary School Setting (Poster) 
2015 (Lausanne)
- Fall Risk Reduction in Seniors: Balance & Strength Training (Invited)
- Self-reported vs. Measured Office Sitting & Standing (Poster)
- Balance Performance after Slackline Training in Healthy Seniors (Poster)
2014 (Fribourg)
- Acute Effects of High Intense Exercise on Neuromuscular Function (Oral)
2013 (Basel)
- Our Department hosted the conference: Contribution to Organizing & Moderating
2012 (Magglingen)
- Walking in Seniors: Perceived Exertion and Physiological Response (Poster)

Annual Conference of the German Society of Sports Medicine

2017 (Potsdam)
- Study Design and Statistics in Clinical and Exercise based Research (Invited)
2014 (Frankfurt)
- Training of Fundamental Movement Skills in Preschoolers (Oral)
2013 (Frankfurt)
- Effects of Zumba Dance on Neuromuscular and Cardiovascular Function (Oral)
2012 (Berlin)
- Slackline Training in Primary School Children: Balance & Muscle Activity (Oral)
2009 (Ulm)
- Resting RER and Post-Exercise Fat Oxydation (Poster)
- Ventilatory and Respiratory Response during Recumbent Cycling (Poster)
- Physical Fitness & Ventilatory Inefficiency in Depressive Disorder (Poster, YIA)
- Exercise Intensity Determination in Depressive Disorder (Poster)

 Conferences of the German Society of Sport Science

2019 (Würzburg, Hamburg, Konstanz)

- Maximum power in stretch-shortening cycles during rowing (Oral)

- Electromyographic activity profiles of the leg during in field rowing (Oral)

- Effects of Whole Body EMS in chronic nonspecific low back pain (Oral)
- Acute and interventional effects of exercise in seniors (Oral)
- Agility to improve intrinsic fall risk factor in seniors: Pilot RCT (Oral)
- Studyprotocol for a multicenter RCT on agility in seniors (Oral)
- Agility as exercise-based fall prevention training (Oral)
- Electromyographic profiles during during single scull in-field rowing (Oral)
- Maximum power in stretch-shortening cacle during rowing (Oral)
2018 (Frankfurt)
- Chances of Stand Desks in Schools and Dynamic Office Sitting (Workshop)
2017 (Mainz)
- Sprint Interval Training in Clinical Settings (Symposium)
- Agility Training in Exercise-based Fall Prevention (Oral)
- Whole-body Electromyostimulation and Strength Gain: RCT (Oral)
2015 (Mainz)
- High Intensity Interval Training in Migraine (Oral)
- Sprint Interval Training at Low Training Volumes in Depressive Disorder (Oral)
2015 (Potsdam)
- Aspects of Neuromuscular & Endurance Training across Lifespan (Symposia)
2011 (Jena)
- Asymmetry of Load Application in Sports, particularly during Climbing (Oral)
2010 (Hamburg)
- Incremental Exercise Testing: The Importance of Quasi Steady States (Oral)

 Quadrennial World Congress on Active Ageing

2016 (Melbourne, Australia)
- Acute Effects of Exercise under Hypoxia on Gait Parameters in Seniors (Oral)
- Intergenerational Concepts of Exercise Promotion in the Elderly (Oral)
2012 (Glasgow, Scotland)
- Exercise Intensity Determination based on Ratings of Perceived Exertion (Oral)
- Reliability of Spatio-Temporal Gait Characteristics in Seniors (Poster)

Biennial Congress of the International Society of Electrophys. & Kinesiology

2018 (Dublin, Ireland)
- ML- and AP-Coupling & Muscle Activity Modulation during Stance (Oral)
2014 (Rome, Italy)
- Co-activation During Quiet Stance Before and After Intense Exercise (Oral)

International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (European Region)

2019 (Gothenburg, Sweden)
- Agility as an exercise-based fall prevention training (Symposia)

Biennial Congress of the International Rock Climbing Research Association

2016 (Telluride, USA)
- Forearm Compression and Psycological and Physiological Function (Oral)
2014 (Pontresina, Switzerland)
- Effects of Wall Inclination on Muscle Activity (Oral)

 Annual Congress of the Healthy Ageing Research Center (HARC)

2014 (Lodz, Poland)
- Exercise-Based Fall Prevention Training in Seniors (Invited)

Biennial Conference of the European Federation of Sports Medicine Association

2009 (Antalya, Turkey)
- Clinical Exercise Intensity Determination in Depressive Disorder (Poster)
- Cardiac Risk Stratification using Exercise Testing in Depressive Disorder (Oral)

Biennial Conference of the International Headache Society

2017 (Vancouver, Canada)
- Effects of different Aerobic Exercise Intensities on Migraine Symptoms (Poster)

Annual City Health Conference 

2017 (Basel, Switzerland)

- Assessing, Promoting & Implementing Physical Activity and Fitness (Plenary)

- Early Motor Skill Promotion in the Kindergarten - Burzelbaum-Basel (Symposia)

Biennial Conference on Behavioral Change

2018 (London, UK)
- Participants' Perception and Adherence of the Movingcall© Program (Poster)

Biennial Conference on Behavioral Change

2018 (London, UK)
- Participants' Perception and Adherence of the Movingcall© Program (Poster)

German Diabetes Conference

2021 (Online)
- Sprint and Aerobic Exercise Training in Type 2 Diabetes (invited)