I am the Head of the Department and Professor of "Intervention Research in Exercise Training" affiliated with the Institute of Exercise Training and Sport Informatics at the German Sport University in Cologne. My  area of expertise includes exercise-based heaIth promotion across lifespan. I am researching acute & longitudinal responses & adaptations upon different modalities of neuromuscular & cardiocirculatory exercise in various populations (e.g., children, adults, patients, seniors) and settings (e.g., clinic, workplace, school, kindergarten).
The following projects are currently running or in preparation:
  1. Integrative agility training and fall prevention in seniors
  2. Intermittent endurance training in clinical populations
  3. Intergenerative physical activity promotion
  4. Tele-Training to promote physical activity in the general population
  5. Specific strength and power testing in (elite) athletes
  6. Electromyostimulation in athletes and seniors 
  7. Occupational workload testing and profiling